Gratitude and appreciation to Dr. David Eisenberg for helping Lenny Zakim maximize his quality of life, and for his work in building awareness of the benefits of integrative medicine. Read about Dr. Eisenberg’s work with Lenny, and his work with integrative medicine on PBS Body & Soul with Gail Harris:

Dr. Eisenberg said:  “I’d love in every institution in this country for there to be at least one physician in every key department, whether it’s oncology or orthopedics or cardiology, one M.D., one nurse specialist, who’s comfortable in both domains, who’s bilingual, who can say, ‘Come, let’s talk. Let’s talk about both. Neither of them scares me. I can refer you either way.’ We need that. That’s the future of American health care, because the market is demanding it.”

We at AIMA of Nashua, PLLC agree. Integrative medicine offers the best of therapies, whether Eastern or Western, ancient or modern. And acupuncture — which is validated in controlled, randomized, double-blind clinical trials (the gold standard of medical science), and is now being taught at medical schools – is at the forefront.