Dr. L. Cindy Theroux-Jette, PhD, OT/L, LAc, CFMP

About Dr. L. Cindy Theroux-Jette, PhD, OT/L, LAc, CFMP

L. Cindy Theroux-Jette, PhD, OT/L, LAc, CHPCA is a functional medicine specialist, and a dually Board certified and licensed clinician with 30+ years of practice. She employs a functional integrative approach to identify and address the underlying root cause of disorders while treating adult and pediatric patients. She is a nationally Board-Certified and licensed Occupational Therapist (OT/L), and a nationally Board-Certified licensed Acupuncturist and herbalist (LAc). She is licensed to practice in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, became Board Certified in Occupational Therapy in 1992 by the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT), and was Board Certified in 2002 by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). Her formal education includes a Doctoral degree in Health Psychology (PhD), a Master’s degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (MAOM), a Bachelor of Science degree in Occupational Therapy (BSOT), and two specialty certifications: Certified Functional Medicine Provider (CFMP), and Certified Hospice and Palliative Care Acupuncturist (CHPCA). Dr. Theroux-Jette holds the distinction of being the first and only Certified Functional Medicine Provider in Greater Nashua. She empowers her patients to take an active role in addressing modifiable problem areas and expects an active investment in self-care and treatment for best results in restoring function, maintaining health, and achieving healthy longevity. Dr. Theroux-Jette also holds the distinction of being the first and only NH licensed acupuncturist to have earned the Certified Hospice and Palliative Care Acupuncturist (CHPCA) specialty certification from the National Association for Hospice and Palliative Care Acupuncturists, and she is honored to be able to provide end-of-life comfort and palliative care. The comprehensive nature of her conventional medical training and holistic medical training serves to “fill the gap” and augment the care of conventional medical providers who may not have time or training to offer individualized care while working within the constraints of insurance driven conventional healthcare systems. She welcomes collaboration with all providers on the patient care team, as open communication facilitates better outcomes and is in the best interest of her patients. Virtual care via telemedicine visits allow Dr. Theroux-Jette to offer functional medicine services to patients from all over the United States. Her practice focus includes treatment of chronic health conditions, preventive medicine, restorative medicine, healthy aging, and immunological, gastrointestinal and neurological disorders. Complex conditions, pain, and psychological stress are the most common referrals and complaints she sees in her practice. Dr. Theroux-Jette was initially appointed to serve on the New Hampshire Board of Acupuncture Licensing in 2012 by Governor Lynch, was reappointed several times, and served as Chair of the Board for ten years. She is President Emeritus (2005-2012) of the state level professional association of licensed acupuncturists, the New Hampshire Acupuncture and Asian Medicine Association. Dr. Theroux-Jette honorably served her country in the United States Marine Corps Reserve from 1989 – 1997 at Naval Air Station South Weymouth, Massachusetts. Presently, she enjoys giving back to the local and global community as a member of the Rotary Club of Nashua and volunteering with Home Health & Hospice Care Wellspring Chorus. She follows a Pesco-Mediterranean diet, and in her free time enjoys nature, photography, and outdoor activities with her spouse, Ernie Jette.

Gut Disruption from COVID-19

Is your gut not quite right since having COVID-19? You do not have to live with these lasting effects. Rutgers scientists recently found that COVID-19 acute infection disrupts gut bacteria balance, especially with antibiotic treatment. Microbiome analysis and functional medicine available at AIMA of Nashua can help identify and address the specific bacterial imbalance causing your […]

Not So Sweet

Common artificial sweeteners — saccharin, sucralose, and aspartame — can transform healthy gut bacteria into dangerous pathogenic bacteria with the ability to invade gut cells, potentially causing intestinal damage that promotes life threatening infections and chronic disease.
These super sweet artificial sweeteners aren’t so sweet after all. It’s time to think about down-regulating our taste for sweet.
Source: Aparna Shil et al, Artificial Sweeteners Negatively Regulate Pathogenic Characteristics of Two Model Gut Bacteria, E. coli and E. faecalis, International Journal of Molecular Sciences (2021).


CDC COVID-19 Guidelines 12/27/21

CDC COVID-19 Guidelines 12/27/21
Stay Calm and …

If one thing is constant during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is change. Read on for the latest CDC guidance if you are exposed to COVID-19 or test positive:
The isolation guidelines are for people who have tested positive (are infected).
These guidelines are the same for people who are unvaccinated, partly […]

Glucose vs. Fructose: Is One Better than the Other?

Is it a coincidence this was composed after enjoying a delectable gift of homemade baklava?
All things in moderation…
~Happy Holidays!

When sugar comes to mind, you probably think of table sugar, or sucrose. But this simple carbohydrate is made up of even smaller sugar molecules called glucose and fructose in an exact 50/50 split. Glucose and fructose […]

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New Research Confirms Gut Health Plays a Role in Neurodegeneration

A research team at The Advanced Science Research Center at The Graduate Center, City University of New York has found high levels of three toxic metabolites produced by gut bacteria in the cerebrospinal fluid and plasma samples of multiple sclerosis (MS) patients. The research team included scientists from the CUNY ASRC, MS Center of Northeastern New York, […]

What COVID-19 Vaccine Effects to Expect: Based on Your Age, Gender, and Dose

Expect to see evidence of your immune system waking up, paying attention, and revealing itself in common and various ways — fatigue, body aches, fever and chills, for example. These things inform you that your system is actively alerting it’s defenses. Vaccines are designed to alert the immune system and often result in noticeable (and […]

Allergies or COVID-19?

Is it Allergies or COVID-19?
Differentiate the Symptoms.
If it looks like COVID-19, quarantine, get tested, and inform your PCP.
If it is allergies, call us now for your treatment plan to defeat them this year!


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The Exercise Pill

The snow is melting today, for sure! Time is of the essence. Time to jot down a quick bit of motivation, and then off to do some snowshoeing before the sun sets. My exercise pill of choice is anything in the outdoors with fresh air and the beauty of nature!

Exercise as Medicine: How exactly does […]

Good News! Brighter Days for Us = Darker Days for SARS-CoV-2

Good News! Brighter Days for Us = Darker Days for SARS-CoV-2

SARS-CoV-2 and other RNA viruses do not do well with UV exposure, and that’s good news for us in the Northeastern US. As our days get brighter, SARS-CoV-2 will become less prevalent. So maintain all of your precautions — wear your masks, wash your hands, and […]

What is Integrative Medicine?

What is Integrative Medicine?
And how does integrative medicine differ from all those other types — complementary, alternative, conventional, and functional medicine?

Integrative medicine is a system of medical care that uses the best, evidence-based therapies available. It treats the whole person and is centered on the patient’s needs, and it utilizes the connection between mind, body, […]

Been Vaccinated and Still Contracted COVID-19? Surprise: Good News for You, and Others!

Good news! Recent research reveals that those who have received the COVID-19 vaccine who later tested positive for COVID-19 are likely to be protected against severe illness … AND may be less contagious.

The amounts of virus on swab samples from the nose and throat were reduced four-fold for infections occurring at least 12 days after […]