Natural Thirst: The Instinct You Didn’t Know You Lost

Don’t get thirsty? Don’t like water…or forget to drink it? Sick of having to visit the bathroom constantly when you do try to drink more water? If you answered yes to any of those questions, please read this article. You are not alone, but you are at risk. And fixing it is easier than you think.

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“Sorry, I can’t eat meat. I’m allergic.” C’mon…really? “Yes. Ever since that tick bite.”

Most of us aren’t fond of ticks. Now there’s a new reason to protect yourself (if the threat of lyme disease, erlichiosis, babesiosis, and the myriad of other tick borne illnesses were not enough). Read the story behind how a tick bite can facilitate an allergy to meat. 

It’s Memorial Day Weekend – Stay hydrated now, and all summer!

Does it matter what you drink in order to stay hydrated? Yes, indeed:!.htm


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Guess what? Coffee counts toward daily fluid intake.

This study published in PLOS ONE reveals some good news – you can count that coffee towards your daily hydration requirement. Just don’t over do it!

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High Blood Pressure and Coffee: A Dangerous Combination

Do you have high blood pressure and drink 1-3 cups of coffee daily, or more? New research shows your risk of having a cardiovascular event (heart attack) is significantly higher than in non-drinkers: International Journal of Cardiology

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