“Sorry, I can’t eat meat. I’m allergic.” C’mon…really? “Yes. Ever since that tick bite.”

Most of us aren’t fond of ticks. Now there’s a new reason to protect yourself (if the threat of lyme disease, erlichiosis, babesiosis, and the myriad of other tick borne illnesses were not enough). Read the story behind how a tick bite can facilitate an allergy to meat. 

It’s Memorial Day Weekend – Stay hydrated now, and all summer!

Does it matter what you drink in order to stay hydrated? Yes, indeed:!.htm


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Guess what? Coffee counts toward daily fluid intake.

This study published in PLOS ONE reveals some good news – you can count that coffee towards your daily hydration requirement. Just don’t over do it!

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High Blood Pressure and Coffee: A Dangerous Combination

Do you have high blood pressure and drink 1-3 cups of coffee daily, or more? New research shows your risk of having a cardiovascular event (heart attack) is significantly higher than in non-drinkers: International Journal of Cardiology

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