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The LabShop @ AIMA Functional Medicine provides you with quick and easy access to 3000+ lab tests and specialty testing for hormones, gut health, allergies and sensitivities, genetics, and basic bloodwork. Get the tests you want, when you want, without a referral. Rupa Health accepts HSA and FSA cards, credit cards, and debit cards. They will arrange drop ship of your test kit and send instructions, and coordinate phlebotomy services if they are needed. You will receive the results automatically via email as soon as they become available. Rupa Health staff is responsive and available for questions or assistance, and happy to help!


Your treatment plan will be highly individualized to your specific needs. It will require your active participation for an optimal outcome, and you will be asked to complete a pre visit Check-In before each appointment that guides your treatment on the day of service and serves as a health screening. Your care may include a combination of the following:

Functional Medicine Visit

    • Systems biology-based modern approach, which considers how all body systems work as a whole
    • Evidence based demonstrated improvement in health related quality of life reported by patients
    • Highly patient-specific and investigative medicine
    • Considers biochemical markers, genetics, environmental, social, and lifestyle factors
    • Identifies and addresses root cause of illness
    • Addresses underlying functional imbalances, not just symptoms
    • Often utilized to address chronic health concerns
    • Often utilized by well patients for prevention and healthy longevity
    • Functional medicine may include:
      • Specialized functional diagnostic laboratory testing
      • Prescription of nutraceuticals, customized herbal medicine formulations, supplements, topical medicinals
      • Development and instruction in a self-care home program
      • Stress management education
      • Lifestyle counseling
      • Dietary and nutritional counseling
      • Sleep hygiene education
      • Instruction in breathing techniques
      • Instruction in meditation and relaxation techniques

Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine Visit

    • Laser Acupuncture (also known as low level laser therapy, LLLT, cold laser, or photobiomodulation; this is a non-needle and non-insertive painless and highly effective modern acupuncture method)
    • Non-needle (non-insertive treatment of acupoints utilizing laser, electrical stimulation, pressure, or tapping)
    • Insertive-needle (insertion of sterile, fine, surgical stainless steel filiform acupuncture needles; this is traditional acupuncture)
    • Orthopedic trigger point acupuncture (licensed acupuncturist expertise for release of trigger points; gentle, comfortable, and effective)
    • Neuro-acupuncture (modern acupuncture technique with traditional Chinese needling; also known as scalp acupuncture and is informed by the conventional medicine concept of neurological function in treating neurological disorders).
    • Acupuncture and integrative medicine adjunctive techniques, both modern and traditional, including:
      • Chinese medical massage (tui na) and conventional massage, instruction in yoga and tai chi exercise or conventional therapeutic exercise and stretching for injury rehabilitation, wellness, and maintenance care; application of heat, ice, electrical stimulation, pulsed electromagnetic frequency therapy, and low level laser therapy (cold laser therapy)


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