Listed here are some articles I have written that you may find of interest and forms you may need as a new patient. These documents are available in either Microsoft Word format or in Adobe Acrobat Reader format.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is available free of charge from Adobe’s website, and is available in Macintosh, Windows or Palm OS format. The current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader can be accessed by clicking on the image below.

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Article Name
Word Format Acrobat Format
Acupuncture for Treatment of Addictions (29 KB) (25 KB)
Arthritis and Traditional Chinese Medicine
Part One: An Overview (29 KB) (29 KB)
Part Two: Clinical Considerations (29 KB) (29 KB)
Acupuncture and Depression: An Old Answer to an Old Problem (205 KB) (45 KB)
Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Lay Insomnia to Rest (143 KB) (90 KB)
Authorization to Use and Disclose Health Information (25 KB) (90 KB)
Patient Health History Form (82 KB) (217 KB)
Patient Information and Consent Form (106 KB) (33 KB)
Traditional Chinese Medicine and Hypertension (29 KB) (12 KB)