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“We have been going to Dr. Cindy for over ten years and she is by far and away the best of the best. The care and attentiveness she displays for her patients is second to none. She always addresses the issues of her patients in a clinical way and treatment is truly holistic in nature. Five stars all day long.”

— Sarah and Julian, 09/2021


“Dr. Cindy is terrific. She is brilliant, informative, friendly, and caring. Her treatment is a necessary and effective part of my health maintenance. She has taken special care to ensure the safety of her office and treatment. You will be thankful to yourself when you decide to trust your health in her hands. 5 out of 5 stars.”

Sharon from Nashua

— S.L., 2020-11-19 07:57:32

“Consistent, Excellent, and Compassionate Care. 5 out of 5 stars. I have been under Dr. Cindy’s care for many years and she always provides a level of excellence seldom seen these days. At this last visit, we reviewed my goals, discussed my medicinals and their purpose and usage, and we discussed other self-care items. I always feel thoroughly listened to, understood, and cared for.”
— S.F., 2021-01-07 12:20:38


“Attentive & Caring & Thorough. After experiencing acupuncture treatments for the first time, I was very pleased with how relaxing and effective they have been! I have definitely noticed an improvement of my condition! 5 out of 5 stars.”

— M.P., 2020-11-15 22:05:04

“Excellent in every respect. It was great. As always, Dr. Cindy was kind and compassionate during our visit. She listens intensely and addresses issues thoroughly. I feel so fortunate to have found her. 5 out of 5 stars.”

— S.F., 2020-11-09 11:03:11

“Always worthwhile. Each time I complete a session with Dr. Cindy, I’m amazed at how good I feel. The most important issues are my back pain and anxiety. The treatment helps both, but just talking things through with Dr. Cindy is often as good as the treatment itself. She is able to put things into perspective, bringing me out of my chaotic frame of mind. When I try to meditate or relax, I can hear her saying “soften” and I do so. She is the best in so many ways. 5 out of 5 stars.”

— S.N., 2020-10-07 16:20:45

“As always, the most caring and detailed healthcare experience. And it works! 5 out of 5 stars.”

— D.B., 2020-09-28 07:53:38

“Compassionate. Caring. Professional. Always compassionate, caring, and professional. I feel so lucky to know Dr. Cindy and be in her care. 5 out of 5 stars.”

— S.F., 2020-09-03 12:06:54

“Excellent Outcome. Any relief I can get for my back is most welcome. Yesterday was my visit, and today I was able to take 2 long walks with my dogs and not feel back fatigue. Your reassurance on my other medical issue was also comforting and I have become more calm. Look forward to my treatments always. 5 out of 5 stars.”

— S.N., 2020-08-12 15:07:57


“Dr. Cindy is the best. Dr. Cindy is such an excellent doctor. She is compassionate and professional and thorough. She considers the whole person in every possible way. I felt truly heard and understood. I cannot recommend her highly enough. 5 out of 5 stars.”

— S.F., 2020-07-23 10:23:16

“Safe appointment. Definitely 5 Stars. Dr. Cindy follows all the guidelines set in NH. Thank you for the excellent care. So happy to finally coming back for treatment. I missed the excellent care she gives her patients. 5 out of 5 stars.”

— D.B., 2020-07-08 13:49:05

“Safe and secure reentry. As an at-risk individual, I was apprehensive about going back to acupuncture, as much as I enjoy my visits with Dr. Cindy. I needn’t have worried as she took every possible safety precaution. I won’t hesitate to return. Thanks, Dr. Cindy, for your knowledge, professionalism, and concern for your clients. You’re the best! 5 out of 5 stars.”

— D.C., 2020-06-17 11:56:34

“Absolutely 5 stars in all categories!! One can always depend on Dr. Cindy following the rules and providing the safest and best treatment for her patients especially during COVID. There may be a few extra steps, but she follows the guidelines all the way. Her treatment for my back issues helped immensely. I also felt calmer and better able to work with the frequent discomfort I do have. I’ve been seeing her for years and have never been disappointed with her professional treatments and advice. I’d like to bring her home in my pocket. 5 out of 5 stars.”

— S.N., 2020-06-11 15:48:26

“Excellent provider who is compassionate, kind and empathetic!!!! Good morning, Dr. Theroux-Jette! I give my visit 5 STARS!! It was great to finally receive treatment again, as it is a huge benefit to my overall well-being. Thank you for the excellent care you provide. 5 out of 5 stars.”

— C.B., 2020-06-06 08:33:35

“Excellent and thoughtful care! I’ve been seeing Dr. Cindy for about a year now and she’s helped me tremendously! We had our first telemedicine appointment last week, and it was very helpful. It was great to have her caring consultation again. She instructed me on some acupressure points to use until we can resume acupuncture. I highly recommend Dr. Cindy and especially look forward to seeing her in person again! 5 out of 5 stars.”

— J.T., 2020-05-11 15:59:17

“Excellent first virtual visit. I was very impressed with how much we covered and how much advice I was given for home care! After the appointment Dr. Cindy sent PDF’s for specific treatments. I felt relief that I was getting help for some annoying issues without leaving my home. I am very satisfied! 5 out of 5 stars.”

— P.F., 2020-05-09 18:45:55

“Dr. Theroux-Jette has an extraordinary grasp of both eastern philosophy and western medicine. She is able to combine the two disciplines into a truly holistic experience. I routinely refer my patients to Dr. Theroux-Jette for a wide variety of issues ranging from smoking cessation to stress management. Her clinical experience and understanding nature make her a great choice when seeking acupuncture care.”~John Herner, Chiropractor, Herner Chiropractic

“As a longstanding patient of Dr. Theroux-Jette, I appreciate her care and recommendations. I look forward to our appointed sessions and know I continually receive excellent treatment.”~Anonymous

“This was my first time having acupuncture. Dr. Cindy was very thorough in explaining what I was to expect. I had very limited movement on my neck before my visit and after my visit my neck was greatly improved. I should have spent my money here first.”~Anonymous

“Always very professional with a friendly attitude. She is very current and has prepared for the meeting. She reviews all previous notes and is interested in any of my questions or concerns. I can tell her anything. Feel much more relaxed than when I came.”~Anonymous

“Dr. L. Cindy Theroux-Jette took her time during our visit…asked many questions and answered all of mine…She was knowledgable and had a lovely bedside manner. The acupuncture session was gentle and relaxing. I am quite impressed!”~Anonymous

“Doctor Theroux-Jette is adept at identifying and treating problem areas. She is gentle with the acupuncture needles. Her manner is soothing and she is knowledgeable in her area of expertise. I have made rapid improvement under her care.”~Anonymous

“Always excellent: concerned, compassionate, competent.”~Anonymous

“I would recommend Dr. L. Cindy Theroux-Jette to anyone! Her professionalism, bedside manner, thoroughness and caring about your well-being are second to none! She should be a role model for anyone in the medical field!”~Anonymous

“As usual, total focused interaction; displays full understanding and sensitive empathy.”~Anonymous

“The doctor is always on time. If I have health issues or concerns, Dr. Cindy always addresses and treats them. Now that my major issues have been resolved, I choose to keep “maintenance” visits for overall well-being. Works for me.”~Anonymous

“Actually I didn’t wait at all, she had to wait for me. She listens carefully to your health concerns and offers several treatment alternatives. She is, hands down, my favorite health care provider!”~Anonymous

Dr. Cindy is the best!”~Mike

“Excellent care as always!”~Anonymous

“My appointments with Dr. Theroux-Jette are the best…would not go to another Dr. very understanding, and easy to talk to, puts her patients at ease.”~Anonymous

“Dr. Cindy answered my questions and treated my indigestion symptoms. My stomach settled down after treatment. My hip continues to feel excellent after my 2 previous visits. Always worth while.”~Anonymous

“Dr. T-Jette is very personable and knowledgeable. She has explained her treatment strategies fully. The sessions have been very relaxing and are having positive results on my problem!”~Ann

“I have the highest praise for Dr. Cindy.”~Anonymous

“Dr. Cindy is awesome. How happy I am to have discovered her. Her office is a welcoming place. The ambiance and music in the treatment rooms is very relaxing. I would highly recommend Dr. Cindy to anyone looking for an excellent acupuncturist.”~Diane

“Answers all my questions, and takes care of problems at the time.”~Anonymous

“Great as usual…….shows so much concern for her patients……..Hope to have her around for a long time………”~Anonymous

“I was very pleased with the results looking forward to the next visit.”~Anonymous

“Dr. Cindy was ready for me on time, addressed my medical issues, clearly explained everything and answered all my questions. I highly recommend her acupuncture services.”~Anonymous

“Excellent experience! Would recommend to all.”~Anonymous

“As always, Cindy goes above and beyond to provide custom tailored care at each visit. I highly recommend her whenever I get a chance.”~Justin

“So happy to find a great acupuncturist after years of being away from this treatment modality. Dr. Cindy spent a lot of time listening to my concerns and delivered excellent treatment. I’m looking forward to additional healing sessions with her.”~Diane

“Thanks again for addressing all my concerns…as usual!”~Anonymous

“I always look forward to my time with Dr. Cindy. I immediately feel calm and assured that she will do what’s best for me. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to family, or friends, or other professionals.”~Anonymous

“As always, Doctor Cindy is kind, thoughtful, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend her for all your wellness needs.”~Anonymous

“VERY thorough!”~Anonymous

“Acupuncture is great & Dr. Cindy is wonderful!”~Anonymous

“Excellent clinical skills, lovely bedside manner. Love the new office!!”~Anonymous

“Dr. Cindy is great! I highly recommend her!”~Anonymous

“Excellent. My problem is abating. My back does not hurt, and I sleep better and have more energy. My post nasal drip is also gone since the acupuncture.”~Anonymous

“Dr. Cindy is a simply amazing practitioner. I only wish all medical professionals followed her example of professionalism, understanding, empathy and caring!”~Anonymous

“Always receive excellent treatment!”~Anonymous

“Wonderful new office. Very inviting, relaxing. Dr. is very attentive, comfortable to deal with.”~Anonymous

“Always on time, and carefully covers previous issues and discusses and treats any new ones. Makes helpful suggestions for easing of discomforts and listens carefully. Dr. Cindy’s bedside manner is always thoughtful and empathetic. Love the new office.”~Anonymous

“I am at the beginning of my journey with Dr. Cindy but have full confidence that I will be more than happy with how things move along.”~Minyon

“I cannot ask for any better treatment.”~Anonymous

“Dr. Cindy is very skillful, knowledgeable and compassionate.”~Anonymous

“I am never disappointed with any visit. Dr. Cindy listens carefully to all my concerns, aches and pains, and reviews those of the past appointment. She treats all my concerns and is a good listener. Treatments are a great help.”~Anonymous

“She’s the best..don’t know what I would do without her.”~Anonymous

“My first appt. with Dr. Theroux-Jette – was amazing! My acupuncture treatment was just what I needed. She explained everything. I have had acupuncture before however – this experience far surpassed prior experiences. Can’t wait for my next appointment.”~Anonymous

“Dr. is amazing! She listens and addresses every concern I have!”~Gayle

“Dr. Cindy has helped me tremendously – I had constant pain in my lower back, hips, shoulders and neck. I would try to exercise and would have to stop due to the pain in my lower back and hips. After several vists I have little to no pain!”~Anonymous


“She is the greatest!”~Anonymous

“As always, I am very happy with the care I am receiving from Dr. Theroux-Jette. She addresses my questions and listens to my concerns. The treatment she administers to me addresses these concerns. Thank you.”~Anonymous

“Having been to many traditional doctors who have no answers, Dr. Cindy had a diagnosis on my first visit reporting my symptoms! She is very smart and a very kind woman.”~Anonymous

“Always enjoy my acupuncture sessions!”~Anonymous

“The best part about visiting Cindy each month for me is that she listens to what I describe is ailing me and she tailors the treatment specifically to that. Friendly, relaxed, thoughtful, and professional are the words I would use to describe her!”~Justin

“Dr. Cindy is amazing! Very pleasant, knowledgable and extremely gentle with her needles. She has helped me with a number of health issues and continues to do so. I feel amazing after treatment. Thank you, Dr. Cindy!”~Paula

“Dr. L. Cindy Theroux-Jette is very professional and easy to talk to. I feel she really listens.”~Anonymous

“I had my first appointment with Dr. Cindy last week. She was very thorough, which I appreciated, and informative. She genuinely cares about her patients. I am not expecting miracles, but after I left my first appointment I was feeling pretty euphoric.”~Anonymous

“Dr. Cindy is terrific and easy to talk with. Her treatments have turned my life around, literally. I am (was) a chronic headache sufferer. Since I have received Dr. Cindy’s treatments headaches have become a rare occurrence.”~Anonymous

“Great as always…I appreciate the concern she shows to all of her patients.”~Jeanne

“Dr. Cindy Theroux-Jette is wonderful. She is a very caring person who has addressed my problem and is treating me with the utmost care.”~Anonymous

“Always feel better after appointments.”~Anonymous

“I was very impressed with Dr Theroux-Jette in both the visit and the actual service that was performed. I was not rushed, and felt that my care was of the utmost importance. I would recommend anyone to visit her practice.”~Anonymous

“Dr. Cindy’s professionalism and concern for her patients are why I keep going back to her!!”~Anonymous

“Dr. Cindy is an amazing person, very empathetic and caring. She is amazing at diagnosing and treating with acupuncture. I have been seeing her for about a year and highly recommend her as much as possible.”~Anonymous

“It was one of the best experiences I have ever had with a clinician. Dr. Cindy demonstrated great care and sensitivity as she listened to my story, and her expertise was evident through her practice of acupuncture and education in Chinese medicine.”~Anonymous

“Dr. Cindy answered all my concerns. She gave me good advice on staying positive and to stay healthy. She understood my frustration. She is always glad to see me. She is like an old friend that you can tell anything.”~Anonymous

“I had been looking for a new acupuncturist for a while, because I had a great one in the south shore. I almost cried because Cindy is actually even better than my previous therapist!”~Anonymous

“Focused attention. Provides requested information about placement and reasons for specific needle placement. Encouraging and gives positive affirmations during the sessions.”~Anonymous

“Dr. Theroux-Jette made me feel very comfortable and she was very compassionate. She listened to my problem, went over the questionnaire thoroughly and didn’t make me feel rushed in any way. I feel very confident that she will be able to help me.”~Anonymous

“Great as always.”~Anonymous

“Dr. Cindy is patient, attentive and great at explaining any issues as well as addressing them in a conservative and safe approach.”~Anonymous

“Dr. Cindy is a knowledgeable, compassionate and caring acupuncturist and I would highly recommend her to family and friends.”~Anonymous

“Dr. Cindy is great – very helpful with several medical issues and she has made me a believer in acupucture.”~Anonymous

“As always the visit was excellent. Dr. Cindy addresses my needs and has been doing this for years. She is one of the most caring persons that I have ever met.”~Anonymous

“I have been seeing Dr. Cindy for several years!! Initially, she was helping me with a racquetball injury. I now see her about every three months for a “maintenance” check-up. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Cindy to anyone who is thinking of acupuncture.”~Anonymous

“Dr. Cindy is a thoughtful caregiver. She listens with compassion, addresses my needs with her professional expertise and provides me with any other tools I need to succeed to further my own wellness. I highly recommend her services.”~Anonymous

“Dr. Theroux-Jette is professional and kind. She always helps me feel better physically and emotionally. If only my insurance would help pay for her services.”~Anonymous

“She is awesome.”~Anonymous

“Cindy is the most professional, caring and supportive practictioner that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She makes you feel comfortable from the start and always clearly explains her treatment plan. Cindy treats the whole person!”~Anonymous

“Dr. Cindy treats me with the utmost care and professionalism. I have continuous good results from her treatments. My overall health and well being is far better since I started being seen by Dr. Cindy. I recommend her services to all of my folks.”~Anonymous

“My issues have significantly improved since I started acupuncture and I have recommended her to family and friends who agree she has positively affected their health as well. I would highly recommend her!”~Anonymous

“Dr. Cindy helped me address my issues in a professional manner and was very helpful in providing names of other resources. I truly enjoyed going to her!”~Anonymous

“Always a helpful, relaxing and rejuvenating experience!”~Anonymous

“Dr. Theroux-Jette is always attentive to her patient’s needs and concerns, professional but kind, compassionate, and caring. She LISTENS. I always feel well taken care of.”~Anonymous

“Cindy is absolutely amazing and I would recommend her to anyone. She truly cares about her patients and cares about the issues we present to her.”~Anonymous

“She has helped me relieve pain from an injury, reduce stress and provide an overall sense of well-being when traditional medicine has failed me. I was a little skeptical if acupuncture could help me, but even after just one visit I noticed a difference.”~Anonymous

“These appointments provide me with the support I need to feel my best both physically and emotionally. An excellent resource when looking for other activities or venues.”~Anonymous

“Dr. Cindy is an exceptional acupuncture practitioner. From the beginning, she focused on my concerns, combining Eastern medicine with her knowledge of health care in general and old-fashioned common sense. She is a great contributor to my well being.”~Sharon

“Dr. Theroux-Jette is always attentive and caring. She reviews all symptoms from past visits and questions current issues or concerns. She treats any new complaints and offers suggestions for self treatment between visits. Visits are so worthwhile.”~Anonymous

“Dr. L. Cindy Theroux-Jette was extremely professional and knowledgeable. She took time to discuss my medical background, and really understand what may be the root of my problem. I highly recommend her.”~Anonymous

“I felt well cared for and she explained the process in great detail as well as any possible side effects and outcomes of treatment. I highly recommend her.”~Anonymous

“She was very nice and accepting of my nervousness. She was knowledgable and willing to share.”~Anonymous

“Responsive to all inquiries concerning process as well as open for discussion of other services to aid in my well being.”~Anonymous

“As always, Dr. Cindy was kind, compassionate and thoroughly professional. It is apparent from her questions and comments that she pays attention and addresses each concern. I always feel that I am in very competent hands during my appointment.”~Anonymous

“Dr. Cindy Theroux-Jette is a very caring provider! I never feel rushed during my appointment and she always addresses my concerns. I feel that I benefit from acupuncture with improved energy, decrease of sinus symptoms, and release of trigger point pain.”~Anonymous

“As usual, the session is individualized and personal; she explains the meaning of sensations felt in the acupuncture sites and relates its impact upon the organ and or system affected by the acupuncture. Kindness matters greatly when in her presence.”~Anonymous

“Dr. Cindy is a compassionate and caring practitioner with superb knowledge and skill. I have been her patient for many years and her expertise has helped facilitate my healing numerous times. I am grateful to have her as my acupuncturist.”~Stephanie

“Always look forward to Acupuncture visits with Dr. Theroux-Jette!”~Anonymous

“Dr. Theroux-Jette is an excellent acupuncturist and a warm, caring human being.”~Anonymous

“Dr. Cindy provides excellent care with the highest degree of integrity and positive results. I could not say enough good about her treatments – you will see for yourself.”~Anonymous

“Dr. Cindy always addresses my immediate concerns and openly asks about previous discomforts. She is always calm, concerned and empathetic. My health improves after every visit. I recommend her all the time.”~Anonymous

“Cindy takes her profession seriously and is a wonderful acupuncture provider. I would, and have, recommended her to friends. I go to her for arthritis, and it is improving my range of motion and pain level significantly.”~Anonymous

“She was extremely personable, knowledge, and thorough. I left feeling very pleased that I called and made the choice to try her out. This is my first time trying something like thus aside from chiropractic and I am impressed.”~Kyle

“Love these sessions. Relax me every time.”~Anonymous

“Dr. Theroux-Jette is a very compassionate acupuncturist and is dedicated to expanding holistic healthcare in the area. She is a great leader and has taken a key role in building the New Hampshire Acupuncture and Asian Medicine Association.”
~Alyson Adams, Board Member, New Hampshire Acupuncture and Asian Medicine Association

“Dr. Theroux-Jette is someone who practices what she preaches. She joined us in an 8 week mindfulness training and it was clear that her commitment to living fully, in the moment, shows up in all that she does. She is an excellent communicator, an enthusiastic practitioner of mind/body wellness, and a kind, supportive health care provider.”~Judy Gross, Meditation and Yoga instructor, Amherst Yoga

“I have been Dr. Theroux-Jette’s patient for about two years and she has improved my life immeasurably. She is extremely knowledgeable and has used acupuncture to cure or ameliorate several problematic health issues for me. I recommend her unconditionally and do so actively and often among my friends and acquaintances.”~Frank

“I would highly recommend Dr. Theroux-Jette for acupuncture! As a first time client, Dr. Theroux-Jette took the time to thoroughly consult with me and let me know what to expect from the whole process as well as likely results afterwards. She took the time to ensure that I was very comfortable and it was a great experience all around. Dr. Theroux-Jette has a keen expertise and professional, yet friendly approach to her work. As an alternative health care provider myself, I can very much appreciate her wealth of knowledge and her passion for her work.”~Heather, Massage Therapist

“When I began acupuncture, I had an open mind because I am a firm believer in a holistic approach to wellness. Symptoms of fatigue and digestive disorders had set in due to stress and left me feeling exhausted and frustrated. Dr. Theroux-Jette’s compassion and patience and her understanding of Chinese medicine restored my energy (qi) and brought about a greater awareness of creating balance between yin and yang in my life. I continue to incorporate all aspects of Chinese medicine as a preventative measure and continue to reap great rewards in terms of my health, mental attitude and emotional well being. Dr. Theroux-Jette has dramatically improved my quality of life and I feel very fortunate and grateful to have found her.”~Tara

“I first sought treatment for “out of control” allergies. With treatment, I was able to come off of ALL of my prescription allergy medications. Also, my asthma became easier to control. With such great success, Dr. Theroux-Jette has treated me for a host of other ailments including: back and arm injuries, migraines and even heartburn. I have and will continue to HIGHLY recommend both acupuncture and, more specifically, Dr. Theroux-Jette.”~Melissa

“Dr. Theroux-Jette has recently become one of my most trusted health counselors. Her wide range of knowledge and experience spans well beyond Chinese medicine. Combining this with her warm, compassionate, and friendly approach to her work, she is an invaluable resource to anyone wanting to enhance their health and quality of life.”~Dana

“I am George Pandiaraj, licensed massage therapist. I have had the privilege of working with Dr. Theroux-Jette since 2006. Dr. Theroux-Jette has a unique qualification of being trained in both Occupational Therapy and Acupuncture; an integration of both Western and Eastern medical practices. She is always willing and happy to share her knowledge with others so that we get to know what Acupuncture is. She cares for her clients; she takes time to explain to them what they are going through and what the treatment does for them. She appreciates and supports those of us who strive to have a better knowledge (both textbook and “hands on”) in our work as massage therapists. I have been benefited – both personally and professionally – by working with Dr. Theroux-Jette.”~George Pandiaraj, Licensed Massage Therapist, Massage Therapy by George

“Dr. Theroux-Jette has been treating me for almost one year with very strong results. She is very knowledgeable in the field of medicine and acupuncture. She is a good listener and provides gentle coaching. Having a strong understanding of human nature and being trustworthy makes her easy to talk to. A refreshing change from the usual, rushed western medical world.”~Sharron

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