At AIMA of Nashua PLLC, we value integrity, clinical excellence and compassionate care. We utilize a functional integrative approach that incorporates the best of modern conventional medicine techniques (also called allopathic or Western medicine) along with time-tested traditional medicine practices and ancient East Asian medicine. We believe in collaboration between doctors and patients, the practice of self care and a balance between work, rest and leisure in maintaining health.

Thank you for your interest in AIMA of Nashua PLLC and for the opportunity to partner with you. There is no higher honor than to be given the privilege of applying our skills to assist you in your well-being. While under our care, you will be treated as a unique individual, with a treatment plan that is specifically tailored to your concerns and adjusted as needed in accordance with your progress.

Please continue to browse our website for information about what to expect during treatment, research and efficacy, conditions that are commonly treated, and other frequently asked questions. Thank you for visiting. We look forward to meeting you and helping you be your best!

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