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Organic and Biodynamic Wine
Organic viticulture is a system wherein the use of chemical pesticides and inorganic fertilizers is discouraged, and organic wines are generally defined as those that were produced from grapes that are organically grown. Biodynamic viticulture includes absolutely no chemicals or manufactured additions. It is a holistic farming method that treats the farm as a whole living organism. It incorporates early agricultural practices including: basing the planting calendar on the movement of the stars and the moon; utilizing humus as fertilizer that is created in a specific system taking into account the symbiosis of environmental elements; and using traditional pest control measures free from pesticides.

Biodynamic wine is made without any additives and as such, is naturally lower in sugar. The below link for “Biodynamic” is for a 3, 6, or 12 sampler pack. You can purchase one at a time by visiting any of the links below; choose “shop for organic wine” and then choose “biodynamic” under the dropdown menu.

Biodynamic: Biodynamic Wine Sampler
Organic: Organic Wine Club
Vegan: Vegan Wine Sampler
General Information: The Organic Wine Exchange
Subscription Discount: Enter code WC10X3 for 10% off your first three shipments