Patient. Client. Customer. Which term do you prefer?

Consider a hypothetical situation:  You have a swollen and painful ankle that has been ailing you, and you decide to visit your doctor to receive a diagnosis and treatment. On the day of your visit, you (as a patient) receive a diagnosis, health care services, and instructions on self care for your condition. You purchase a product – perhaps an ointment to reduce the swelling and pain, schedule a follow up visit and head home. According to Merriam-Webster, you are also a client – a person who pays a professional person or organization for services, and a customer – someone who buys goods or services from a business. You are simultaneously all three:  patient, client and customer.

But these three terms carry distinctly different implications. Would you rather be treated as a patient, a client, or a customer by your health care provider? At AIMA of Nashua, you will be treated with care, respect, and dignity at all times. You may be a patient, but you will always have the same rights as a customer or client. Our focus is on providing you with clinical excellence and compassionate care.